Appendix 5:

Index of programs tested


All of the programs were tested either on a Macintosh G3-350Mhz, or a PC-Celeron 300a with 32 Mb Ram (until it burnt out at a critical time of writing this thesis).
Program Computer Comments
Csound Macintosh, PC, Linux, NeXT (most computers)
This is a general synthesis program written originally by Barry Vercoe, although now updated by a number of people. It is a text-based environment that involves setting up two documents. The first defines the Orchestra, the other the Score. The Orchestra is a definition of the instruments to be used, how they are put together, and what parameters are to be used with them. The score is where all the parameters are laid out.
It can be used in semi-real-time, but it produces better results if it processes first and then plays back afterwards. It can do much more than granular synthesis. Once the user is used to the interface and the instructions it becomes a very good tool all sorts of synthesis projects. It allows for generating all sorts of sounds and can import sampled sound files in a number of ways. It is very flexible, it is always being updated, and it is free!
Audio Mulch
PC This program is a very easy to use program. It has a Macintosh-like interface. It allows the user to insert wave files or create sounds from sine waves or noise. It includes a few granular synthesis features, but is focused on more common DSP ideas. Runs in real-time. Shareware - free demo.
Granulab PC This program creates grains that it lets you define. You can set a length, pitch, envelope, amplitude and a few other things. It is easy to use, but it is not at all stable, even with a fast computer. You have to be careful not to try too much or it will crash. It runs in real-time. Demo version free! 
Grain Maker
Macintosh Uses a Max interface which gives the program a very nice look. It helps create orchestra and score files for Csound. It is designed to create files that when implemented in Csound will granulate a sound file and then create a texture with the grains. Written by Terry McDermott. See the La Trobe music Dept. Not in real-time.
Cloud Generator Macintosh This program is designed more as a teaching aid in granular synthesis. It won't let the user define envelopes, but it does allow many other parameters. It is best used for seeing how things change over a period of time e.g. You can set a starting grain density and a finishing grain density, and it will move from one to the other in a linear fashion as the texture develops. It is not in real time. The program was written by Curtis Roads. It is free.
Oversyte Macintosh Written by Ross Bencina. It is a real tim granular synthesis program. I have not had a chance to try this program.
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